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How did I ended up writing about dividend income investing?

During the second part of 2010, as the managing editor of Early Retirement Investor.com I covered a number of subjects related to saving, income investing and retirement. In addition, we covered the dividend histories and short term dividend prospects of several popular FTSE100 listed dividend stocks, including:

In November, 2010, I mentioned that a subscriber of Dividend Alerts had challenged me not only to write about dividend income investing but also to back up my write-ups with my own money.

Hereby, challenge accepted!

Dividend Income Investor.com has been launched to demonstrate the benefits of our dividend income investment strategy based on our unique investment research approach.

At heart we are deep value investors, with a twist. Dividend Income Investor.com aim is to maximise total returns by providing timely information to subscribers on when a dividend paying company is historically undervalued, overvalued or, somewhere in between.

Our focus is on sound stock selection and the ability to recognise value using dividend yields in order to identify undervalued and overvalued shares.

Putting my money where my mouth is

I have put over £75,000 of my own money behind our dividend income investment strategy and by subscribing to our premium content, you will see how our Dividend Income Portfolio develops over time.

What next?

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