Affiliate Program FAQ

Who can become an Affiliate?

Anybody can join the Affiliate Program operated by Dividend Income

Although we have found that Affiliates get a lot more conversions if they can actually see the content that we offer and therefore describe it better to their visitors.

For how long can I be an Affiliate?

You can remain an Affiliate indefinitely, provided you haven’t cancelled being an Affiliate and provided your actions remain compliant with the rules and terms outlined in the Affiliate Agreement.

If you decide that you no longer wish to be an Affiliate, just let us know.

Which type of subscriber qualifies you to earn a commission?

If you introduce an individual or organisation who purchases a subscription for one or two years, you are entitled to earn the applicable commission.

What commissions do you pay?

The amount of commissions you earn is directly related to the number of people who have clicked on any of your Affiliate links and who have subsequently signed up as a new subscriber for one or two years.

When this happens you are entitled to earn a commission on the applicable subscription fee, either £22 for a new one year subscription or £36 for a two year subscription.

In addition, if and when any of your one or two year subscribers subsequently renews their subscription, we will pay you an additional commission of 10% of the renewal subscription price.

How do I apply?

It’s easy. If you are already a subscriber, just go to Subscriber Central and click the “Become an Affiliate” link. Read the rules and terms outlined in the Affiliate Agreement and click “agree” at the bottom of the agreement, and you’re in.

If you are not already a Subscriber, you need to sign up as an Affiliate to get access to Affiliate Central. Click the big blue button at the bottom of this page to start the process.

How will I know if I have become an Affiliate?

We will get back to you by email confirming that you have become an Affiliate of the Dividend Income Affiliate Program.

The email will also include a link to a web page called “Affiliate Central” where your Affiliate account and Affiliate links are located.

How can I maximise my earnings from the Affiliate Program?

Insert any of the Affiliate links in your emails, blogs, website or e-newsletter. Only promote your relationship with Dividend Income using the Affiliate links we have provided to you.

NEVER, ever:

  • use any of the Affiliate links to spam others – if you do, and you are found out, you will be removed from the Affiliate Program.

  • change the wording of the Affiliate link – if you change any of the wording the tracking may not work any longer and you may lose out on any commissions which should be due to you.

    Instead let us know your preferred wording and we will create an Affiliate link especially for you.

Promoting your participation in the Affiliate Program is a win-win situation for both of us. We just need to be sure that the relationship is not misrepresented.

How will I get paid for subscriptions generated by me?

You will be paid via PayPal on a quarterly basis. If the amount we owe you is less than GBP 50, we may elect to withhold payment until the amount owed exceeds GBP 50. We only pay in Great British Pounds and only pay through PayPal.

Make sure you have a PayPal account before you apply to become a Dividend Income Affiliate.

How do I find the details on how many subscriptions I have secured?

In your Affiliate account, at Affiliate Central, you can see:

  • how many times people have clicked on any of your Affiliate links
  • on which Affiliate links people click most
  • if somebody has signed up for a new subscription triggering your commission
  • the total amount of your commission due
  • the next Affiliate commission payment date

If we haven’t covered something, or if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me using the Feedback form.


Affiliate manager

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