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Earn £9.99 Per Guide. Earn £22 – £36 Per Subscription…
And Lifetime Commissions On Renewals!

The Dividend Income Affiliate Programs allows serious full-time web and blog entrepreneurs to make a great living, while allowing part-timers to build a solid second income.

By becoming an active Dividend Income Affiliate, you will:

  • Earn £9.99 for each Guide to Dividend Investing sold
  • Earn £22 for each yearly subscription to Dividend Income
  • Earn £36 for each two year subscription to Dividend Income
  • Receive an annual bonus commission on each subscription renewal (our lifetime affiliate policy).

We especially like to partner with websites, blogs and e-newsletters that have a customer or visitor profile interested in personal finance, saving, investing, retirement, stock trading and the stock market.

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Subscribers can also become affiliates

It would be great if you mention Dividend Income to any of your friends and family. That clearly means we’re doing a great job.

But why not also get rewarded for it? In fact, we are keen that you are rewarded for your endorsement of our products and services.

As a subscriber of Dividend Income or purchaser of the Guide to Dividend Investing you have a much better understanding of what’s it all about, which will give you the confidence to recommend Dividend Income or our Guide with much more conviction.

Now, which online publisher do you know that allows you to earn back your subscription fee or the purchase price of their books? And even much more than that?

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How does it work?

In fact, as a quarterly subscriber you are almost in profit having introduced just one new subscriber who has taken a two yearly subscription.

That’s right, just one new subscriber!

Suppose in your first month as a quarterly Subscriber and an Affiliate of Dividend Income you introduce a new subscriber who signs up for a two-year subscription. Let’s see what happens.

Ok, get your pencils out.

The Affiliate Program pays out a £36 commission on each new two year subscription taken out. Your quarterly subscription cost £39.99 – secure just one new two yearly subscriber each and every quarter and you will never pay more £3.99 for your quarterly subscription.

That’s great!

But, there is even more . . .

Lifetime commissions on renewals

Receive an annual bonus commission on each one or two year subscription renewal! You can find out more about this here.

It’s really easy to do!

Just tell your friends, relatives, colleagues and anybody else of what we offer at Dividend Income and get rewarded for anybody who subsequently signs up for a one or two year subscription.

Is that all?

Yes and don’t worry, you don’t have to start thinking about what to write about. When you become an Affiliate, we will provide you with a number of punchy “introductory sentences” which you can choose and use. For instance this one:

“I think you will like Dividend Income It has lots of information on historically undervalued dividend paying shares. In fact I am a subscriber to their premium content, which is good value.”

Or, this one:

Find Value in High Quality Undervalued Shares at

In affiliate marketing ‘speak’ these are called “Affiliate links”.

Of course, you can use any one or more of these Affiliate links in an email, as part of your email signature, or on your website or blog, or in your e-newsletter.

We are also considering developing some other types of Affiliate links, such as simple banners and buttons for websites, blogs and HTML e-newsletters, however this is not a high priority right now, unless of course you really need them. Just let us know and we will start working on them.

That’s all fine, but how does it actually work?

Most of the action actually happens in the background . . . at our end

When you confirm your agreement to the terms of the Affiliate Program, and subsequently sign up as an Affiliate, the system automatically generates your unique Affiliate ID. This not only triggers your welcome email, with a link to Affiliate Central – your Affiliate account – but also for tracking purposes the system recognises that you are one of our Affiliates and it will now start tracking:

  • which Affiliate links you are using in your emails, blog, e-newsletter or website

  • when anybody clicks on any of your Affiliate links

  • when anybody subsequently signs up as a subscriber

Affiliate Central links to the web pages where all your Affiliate links are located from which you can choose as many as you want. Just go through them and take the ones you really like. Then, ‘click and paste’ any of the relevant Affiliate links and insert them into your emails, email signature, blog, e-newsletter or website.

If you don’t like any of our Affiliate links, we can customise them especially for you. Just suggest other wording for your Affiliate links and we will refer back to you as soon as possible.

And that’s it?

Really, that’s it!

What happens next?

Just sit back and wait and see what happens next . . .

If somebody clicks on any of your Affiliate link, the Affiliate Program ‘wakes up’ behind the scenes and starts tracking this person as they go through the public part of Dividend Income By the way neither you nor we know who this person is, at this stage.

If that person then subsequently signs up for a one or two year subscription, our welcome email to him/her triggers the Affiliate Program to recognise that we have secured a new subscriber and more importantly, because they have originally clicked on one of your Affiliate links, the system automatically adds your commission to your Affiliate commission balance in your Affiliate account at Affiliate Central.

Cool or what?

And, yes you can follow your progress whenever you want. Just check in to your Affiliate Central and see, for instance:

  • how many times people have clicked on any of your Affiliate links

  • if somebody has signed up triggering your commission

  • when your next Affiliate commission payment date is

What about payment details?

Be assured, at no stage do we become aware of any payment details – not yours, nor the new subscriber’s payment details. The same applies for the commissions we pay you. The payment processing part of our Affiliate Program has been outsourced to PayPal.

And that’s it, really

What next?

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