Affiliate Remuneration

Earn back your subscription and more while you are at work, in the bath or even asleep!

When somebody clicks on any of your Affiliate links and signs up for a one year or two year subscription, we owe you a commission.

Your commission is automatically added to your Affiliate commission balance in your Affiliate account, at Affiliate Central. You should also receive a confirmation email.

At Affiliate Central, you can see how many times people have clicked on any of your Affiliate links, as well as if somebody has signed up triggering your commission and, more importantly, when your next Affiliate commission payment date is.

How much you can I earn?

First of all . . . your remuneration doesn’t stop when you have secured just one new subscriber . . . in fact:

1. You can get unlimited subscribers to signup through your affiliate link!

The amount of commissions you can earn are directly related to the number of people who have clicked on any of your Affiliate links and who have subsequently signed up for a new one year or two year subscription.

When this happens you will be remunerated as follows:

Subscription Subscription Commission Commission
Period Fee % Amount
1 year £139.99 15.75% £22.00
2 years £202.49 17.78% £36.00

And, what’s more . . .

2. You can earn unlimited commissions!

Our Affiliate Program allows you to earn a recurring revenue stream.

If and when any of your one or two year subscribers subsequently renews their subscription, we will pay you an additional commission of 10% of the renewal subscription price.

In affiliate marketing speak, they call this the “long tail” remuneration.

We like to start long-term relationships with out affiliates and we want you to share in the growing success of Dividend Income

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