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Learn when to buy, when to sell, how to collect increasing dividends and how to then reinvest them to become asset rich and financially free.

Using our proprietary algorithms, we provide you with the historically undervalued and overvalued buy and sell zones for many dividend paying companies, for as little as £9.99 a month, less than a single trading commission.

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Today’s savers and investors face cash interest rates at record lows, diminishing fixed income yields demanding a higher risk appetite, and stubbornly high real inflation.

Dividend income investing represents a “best of both worlds’ option – one in which savers, investors and retirees are able to preserve and grow their capital, while generating consistent, steady growing income.”
Tony Stenning – Head of BlackRock’s UK Retail Business

Guide to Dividend Investing cover

“…if you can get what the author of the Guide to Dividend Investing has to say, then you are qualified beyond the 99.9% of private investors who allow their riches to be run by someone else for a huge fee…”
Shares: Reaping the Dividends – Michael Wilson –

“Delighted to subscribe to your website! As a recent convert to the benefits of dividend investing choosing the right companies to invest in has been rather stressful. Not anymore!”

“The write ups in your dividend value profiles are excellent. It’s comforting to see that you back up your analysis by purchasing these shares in your own portfolio a day later.”

“I have already produced my own watch list of high dividend payers but without the thorough analysis you do. Your dividend reports are excellent. At least I don’t have to spend hours researching these companies now myself. It’s done for me!”

Yield Chart of British American Tobacco

Share prices generally fluctuate between repetitive extremes of high dividend yield and low dividend yield. These recurring extremes of yield are used to establish the yield-boundary curves of undervalued and overvalued price levels.

As determined by our algorithms share prices are Undervalued (Green) or Overvalued (Orange) in the Yield Chart when they are within a ten per cent range of their historic levels of high or low dividend yield.

The Highs (Blue) and Lows (Red) are shown based on the monthly high and low share prices.

To reduce the period under consideration drag to the right the “slider” below the chart.

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