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Brexit is upon us! The British public has voted to leave the European Union with the, initial, inevitable plunge in the markets. I guess the uncertainty regarding the future will last for quite a while, with potentially major news-driven swings in individual share prices, both up and downwards. Which means, for cash rich long term […]

There is not a lot of discussion that we are nearing a so-called “triple top” in the UK. Still they are known as important reversal points. Update from Kerry Balenthiran (market cycles specialist), whether he believes we will be seeing a low in the Autumn. What is a ‘triple top’? The website Investopedia.com describes it […]

During May a number of companies have released their results and dividends, including: National Grid National Grid issued final results for the year to 31 March. The final dividend is 26.36 pence going ex-dividend on 5 June and payable on 21 August. This makes a total of 40.85p for the year, a predictable 4 percent […]

Many developed stock markets are now nearing their five-year highs. The US is now trading at all-time highs. Even the FTSE 100 is within striking distance of its 6930 all-time high, reached just before New Year’s Eve in 1999. Remember the dotcom crash that followed shortly afterwards? In the main, London share prices have now […]

With the FTSE100 index heading for 6500 again are we slowly but surely heading for a massive fall? With two previous major turning points at 6951 (30 December 2000) and 6751 (18 June 2007) will we be seeing a major downturn later this year? Before we consider whether a substantial drop in the FTSE100 index […]

The last few weeks many of the dividend paying companies that we follow have released their results and dividend updates. Several insurance companies, such as Prudential, Standard Life and Legal & General announced welcome increases in their dividends, while Aviva and RSA Insurance Group surprised shareholders with deep cuts in their dividends. For many people […]

Once in a while I come across an investment book that I find both instructional as well as inspirational in particular when its focus is on “income first, capital gains” later. Very much our mantra at Dividend Income Investor.com As Warren Buffett’s partner at Berkshire Hathaway, I have always wondered whether Charlie Munger’s investment style […]

Tesco a buy to some

March 7, 2013

Dividends versus Bonds income

February 20, 2013

The last few years income from bonds and savings accounts have slowly been undermined by the low interest rates available and increasingly higher inflation. For an income investor, building a stocks and shares portfolio, investing in shares of high quality dividend paying shares rather than in bonds has become increasingly attractive. In a recent article […]

Company results and dividends

February 11, 2013

During the last few months, some of the companies we report on have seen their share prices exceeding substantially their dividend rises. In many cases dividend yields have fallen considerably. Buying dividend paying shares when they are priced too high will often lead to long-term disappointing returns. Instead, buy and sell high quality dividend paying […]

I have been asked to explain how you can grow your dividend share portfolio fast with little effort. Not many people know that you can massively increase the dividends you pocket every year by using just two simple investment strategies. In fact there is almost no limit to how much money you could accumulate using […]

Over the last few months a number of people have asked me to disclose how our dividend growth investment strategy works, to explain our unique dividend share valuation algorithms, how our proprietary Yield and Price charts are created, whether dividend paying shares are expensive, overvalued or undervalued, my views on whether in 2013 the bond […]

I always take much pleasure when I see a person changing into a convert to dividend income investing when chatting to them. In comparison, I get tired of people saying, “The rich get richer, the poor get poorer”. To me, it’s like saying, “Those who exercise get in better shape than those who don’t”. Of […]

A number of Dividend Alerts subscribers have asked about the workings and results of our dividend income investing strategy, and I have been thinking about how best to show this without disclosing the information solely available to the Dividend Income Investor.com paid-for subscribers. Herego . . . As many of you know, the Dividend Income […]

Our gift of perpetual income Many people increasingly find that the income generated by their money held in bank accounts is insufficient to meet their needs, or to keep up with the long-term effects of inflation. Although inflation has gone up and down sharply, the last few years, interest rates have remained very low. The […]

Last week, National Grid released results for the six months to the end of September, 2012. The company runs the networks that deliver gas and electricity across the United Kingdom, almost as a near-monopoly, and also operates in the USA as a power provider. I reported extensively on National Grid’s six months results Here. What […]

Why We Like Junior ISAs

November 15, 2012

We are big fans of Junior ISAs Junior ISAs can be opened to anyone aged less than 18 who is not already eligible to have a child trust fund. That means children born before September 1, 2002, or after January 2, 2011. The maximum yearly contribution for a Junior ISA is currently £3,600, but this […]

The businesses that Vodafone control generate more than enough for Vodafone to increase its dividend – even without Verizon Wireless’ special dividends. But what about the recently announced results . . . In earlier articles about Vodafone, published here last week, and earlier in October, here, I elaborated on the changing character of Vodafone’s dividends […]

Last week, both BP and Royal Dutch Shell announced their third quarterly result. Both reported that results were boosted by higher refining margins, which are unlikely to continue into the fourth quarter. Worryingly, for the first nine months of 2012 BP’s production was down by 5.3 percent on 2011, while Shell has managed a 1 […]

Both GSK and AstraZeneca announced their quarterly results. Currently, UK’s pharma majors provide dividend yields of between 5 percent and 6 percent. I have extensively reported on both GSK’s third quarter results, which you can access Here and AstraZeneca’s which you can access Here. AstraZeneca Though AstraZeneca is not a quarterly dividend payer, it still […]

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