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Today we are releasing a number of new additions in the dividend databases that comply with our specific criteria, exclusively available for our subscribers of Dividend Income Investor.com, including. BP – read our take on BP’s third quarter results and dividend prospects; Here Capita Carillion Compass Johnson Matthey Imperial Tobacco Serco Over the coming weeks […]

It has been a tumultuous few weeks with EADS being unable to persuade various governments for it to ‘merge’ with BAE Systems. We pick up the pieces, looking at why we believe BAE Systems’ future dividends are at risk. Also Tesco released some really dreadful first half year results, in particular when compared to Sainsbury’s […]

Alongside the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis and a potential Chinese hard landing, the big issue currently on many investors’ minds surrounds the scale, and impact, of the US “fiscal cliff”. Yet stock prices are the highest in four years. I guess many of you are not directly invested in US listed shares. But still, the […]

Everybody wants to own a dividend champion. Many investors would love to be able to fund their retirement expenses from income, rather than from selling assets, so they don’t have to worry about selling into a down market. But what determines a dividend winner? Many dividend investors often set minimum requirements for an “acceptable” initial […]

We are slowly expanding the number of companies in the Dividend Value Database that comply to our specific criteria. Following requests from several subscribers to include smaller – lesser known – dividend paying companies we are now also starting to include relevant FTSE250 companies. Overview of companies added into the database, include: FTSE100 companies Sage […]

Here at Dividend Income Investor.com we are dedicated to creating the kind of tools that our subscribers need in order to make better informed investment decisions. However, in our dedication to create the best share valuation tools for our subscribers with regards to dividend paying companies we had to put several things on hold . […]

First quarter 2012 has been something of a dividend bonanza for dividend investors as Capita Registrars released information that showed that dividends paid in the first half of 2012 have now reached an ‘all-time high”. At £41.4bn, first half year dividends paid were 21% higher than a year ago and well above the previous high […]

Today, we are releasing our proprietary Dividend Value Database to subscribers of Dividend Income Investor.com. Dividend Value Database – an introduction We have completely changed the way we present our data from the old Google Docs spread sheets to our own proprietary system. This has made uptime close to 100%, whereas before it was very […]

Are we facing Eurogeddon? Are you ready for it? With the crisis developing in Europe, a financial mega-shock would not come as a great surprise to me. In fact, the dangers we face today look much GREATER than those of 2008. Consider this: ONE – Before the Lehman collapse in 2008, it was strictly individual […]

Since closing at 5,966 on 16 March, the FTSE 100 index has taken a dive. The Footsie closed at 5,267 this Friday, down almost 700 points – 699 to be precise -, or nearly 11.7% from its March high. That represents a formidable sell-off in my book. Big fallers include mining companies, banks and insurance […]

A guest entree from Alan Green, managing director of Tradersown.co.uk The bullish performance from the FTSE100 year to date convinced many investors that a new bull market had begun. After spending 4 years in the doldrums, the definitive bullish moves higher seemed to be those of a market in recovery mode. But even after this […]

A guest entree from Alan Green, managing director of Tradersown.co.uk Excerpts from the article below has originally been published on March 10th 2012 in the Daily Mail Investment Extra column, and with the kind permission of Alan Green, republished here. At the start of February 2012, Traders Own, the investing and trading social networking website […]

U.K. dividends payouts soared by 25% in the first quarter of 2012 to reach £18.8bn, according to the latest Dividend Monitor report from Capita Registrars, which analyses data provided by Exchange Data International. In total, British firms paid out £3.8bn more than the same period in 2011, making 2012 a record for the first quarter. […]

Today we’re joined by Duncan, a young value investor and investment blogger. Duncan started on the graduate scheme at a big bank in Autumn 2008, about a fortnight before Lehman collapsed. Needless to say, he had no idea what was going on but he knew it was significant. Currently, Duncan is employed by a global […]

Summaries of Dividend Income Investor.com premium articles As a premium content subscriber you have full access to all our premium content, including decisive articles about the dividend paying companies that we are following closely. Below is a selection of summaries of a number of premium articles released earlier this year, including: Tesco’s Shaky Results And […]

Reclaim Withholding Tax Back!

February 21, 2012

Why you should reclaim withholding tax? Investors who hold foreign shares in their share trading accounts or even in their stocks and shares ISA’s as well as their SIPPs, but fail to reclaim withholding tax deducted from their dividends, are losing out heavily. Thousands of private investors in overseas shares could be paying unnecessary amounts […]

Dividends up in 2011 According to research published today by share registration company Capita Registrars, dividends are up in 2011 from listed British companies paying out record dividends of £67.8 billion in 2011, a rise of 19.4 percent over 2010. Dividends rose last year for the first time since 2008 as the number of companies […]

With rock bottom interest rates, many will be considering an income producing strategy for 2012. As we enter 2012, we will no doubt continue to be buffeted by ‘terrible’ headlines streaming out of Europe, China and Washington. And it’s safe to say we can expect volatility to be similar to what we have seen in […]

I hope that you had a great break, the last few days. I also very much hope that you have benefited from what I’ve had to say during 2011 and that you have enjoyed my writing style – I am sure you can forgive the occasional idiosyncrasies being Dutch. Having said that, Dividend Income Investor.com […]

New Year’s Resolution

December 29, 2011

With 2012 right around the corner, I want to talk about one simple step you can take right now to greatly improve your financial life. During 2011, dividend income investors have many reasons to be thankful. Over the course of this volatile year for stocks and shares, many people, in the quest for profits, have […]

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