DII Snapshots

When you are interested in buying shares you have a vast universe of companies to choose from. When you decide to sell, you are limited to those companies whose shares you have bought previously.

But what to buy when, at what price, and when to sell?

Obviously you don’t want to over-pay when you are buying. Or, sell at a too low price.

You just want to know when a particular dividend paying company is undervalued or overvalued.


And that’s precisely what our DII Snaphot offers you – concise valuations of dividend paying companies based on our dedicated valuation methodology.

Our DII Snapshots are based on exactly the same valuation methodology that we use when we consider dividend paying companies for our Dividend Value Profiles, Dividend Income Reports and Dividend Income Portfolio which are all available exclusively to subcribers.

What Can You Expect?

Our DII Snapshots include a concise transcript of a dividend paying company’s Valuation Matrix, like the one we prepared on Severn Trent Plc, which you can download Here for free.

Never Again Buy Too Early Or Sell Too Late

DII Snapshots could be for you if you are looking for:

  • specific information on dividend paying companies that are historically undervalued, overvalued, or somewhere in between

  • information on dividend paying companies listed on the London stock exchange

  • concise and standardised formatted relevant information in plain English

  • delivered via email

  • a taster of the kind of information we offer premium subscribers

How do you get them?

It’s easy . . .

Just tell us which companies you are interested in, pay £9.99 per DII Snapshot and within 10 working days you will receive the information you are after.

Why do we offer a bespoke valuation service?

The bespoke valuation service has been designed to produce a valuation in a cost effective manner of a dividend paying company based on the valuation methodology developed by Dividend Income Investor.com in the form of a DII Snapshot.

We hope that our DII Snapshots will give you a better idea of what we are doing and how that can be of benefit to you. Then perhaps one day, you might want to become a premium content subscriber of Dividend Income Investor.com. But you don’t have to. There’s no obligation.

Order Now one or more DII Snapshots from the dividend
paying companies you are interested in.


The information contained in a DII Snapshot is merely indicative and for information and educational purposes only. Other valuation methods may give different results by using different assumptions and criteria.

To the maximum extent permitted by law EMAR Publishers excludes all liability in relation to any of the information contained in a DII Snapshot.

Any investment decision is solely made by and under the responsibility of the user of this service. EMAR Publishers does not make any guarantee as to the future performance of a user’s investment or the accuracy of the information contained in a DII Snapshot.

The user of this service should NOT make investment decisions based solely on the information contained in a DII Snapshot. The user of this service should seek independent investment advice before making investment decisions.

It is also not intended that this service should be used or relied upon for any purpose other than a broad guide to value based on the assumptions set out in a DII Snapshot.

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