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The year 2012 is promising to be one of the most turbulent of our lifetime, ushering in a new era of unprecedented instability and, at the same time, unique opportunities.

Already …

  • The European sovereign debt crisis is spiralling out of control
  • The U.S. Congress’s Super Committee has failed in its mission to resolve US’ own sovereign debt disaster.
  • We see a rapid deterioration in the world’s largest banks.
  • And still, the authorities are polarised and paralysed, unable to provide real solutions.
The Eurozone crisis, austerity measures in many of the countries in the developed world, and the possibility of a ‘hard’ landing in China, as well as several other developing countries, are likely to present major challenges for investors during 2012.

Remember 2008 – 2009?

When shares were crushed in 2008 and early 2009, the huge share price declines lifted dividend yields on many high quality dividend paying shares to levels that, in many cases, had not been seen for a long time. Once enough investors realised their “luck”, and, started buying in enough volume, share prices reversed.

The time has never been better to get into high quality dividend paying shares! Dividend paying companies offer the kind of security and income stream that no other investment can.

That’s where we come in

We have got the inside track to which dividend paying companies are undervalued, which ones to avoid, and which ones are likely to boost or cut their dividends in the near future.

Learn when to buy, when to sell, how to collect increasing dividends and how to then reinvest them to become wealthy and financially free.

Dividend income investing represents a “best of both worlds’ option – one in which savers, investors and retirees are able to preserve and grow their capital, while generating consistent, steady growing income”.

Tony Stenning – Head of BlackRock’s UK Retail Business

Please don’t underestimate the exclusivity of this offer

In order to benefit from the chance to pick up high quality dividend paying companies when they are historically undervalued, I would like to offer you a lifetime 25% off our annual subscription prices.

I am offering this exclusively to only a small, select group of people – recipients of Dividend Alerts, from our sister site Early Retirement, and people who have downloaded our Guide to Dividend Investing. Even to previous one-year subscribers.

I’d love to make this available to everyone if I could. But since this is such a good deal, we must strictly limit the number of life-time discounted subscriptions we make available. That is why I did like you to keep this to yourself and your closest family members only.

We love undervalued dividend paying shares!

Value ultimately rules the stock market. From our perspective a company’s underlying value is in its dividends, not in its earnings or in its prospects for capital gains.

By charting the historic dividend yields, the unique relationship between dividend yield and the share price of an individual company emerges.


“Delighted to subscribe to your website! As a recent convert to the benefits of dividend investing choosing the right companies to invest in has been rather stressful. Not anymore!”

What is the problem?

Buy a dividend paying company with too low a dividend yield and you will end up receiving a dividend that is either close to the FTSE All-Share average, or even below it. At which point, you may as well just buy a low-cost tracker.

Search for the highest possible dividend yield, and you run the risk of having bought a share that is destined to either cut its dividend, or implode altogether. Some of the FTSE’s highest dividend yields at the moment, for example, are from companies with precisely such question marks hanging over them.

And there is also the issue of sustainability of financial strength, earnings and dividend growth to consider. A company might offer a decent dividend yield now – but will it last? Is the underlying business one with regular predictable earnings that, ideally, are poised to grow? Has the company a track record of regular dividend increases without blowing its dividend cover?

Our investment approach

At Dividend Income we are primarily interested in high quality companies which possess the following (historical) criteria:

  • high earnings strength
  • high financial strength
  • high degree of stability
  • dividend sustainability and above inflation growth
  • AND are undervalued

Underlying our investment process is the belief that a company’s historical financial performance is a much better guide to its future financial performance than predictive factors such as current valuation, earnings estimates or analysts’ forecasts; all of which are subjective rather than proven.

Company behaviour is more predictable than market behaviour. Company behaviour is more driven by habit (an inside force) than the market which is more driven by circumstance (an outside force).

Broadly-speaking, high quality companies repeatedly do the right things (though not necessarily the same things) and ‘bad’ companies repeatedly do the wrong things.

A successful company’s progress can be assumed to be derived from an operational process and sequence of decisions largely (but not always) controlled by its management. Unless the company is hit by external factors beyond the management’s control. Think formerly big dividend payer BP Plc.

The Premium Content that we offer to subscribers only

Dividend Income is the only share valuation provider in the UK which has developed an investment methodology that provide information on dividend paying companies when they are historically undervalued or overvalued, or, are trading somewhere ‘in-between’.

This invaluable information, when applied to actually investing (what and when to buy at the lowest share price with correspondingly historically the highest dividend yield, as well as when to sell), forms the core offering of our premium content package.

So far, Dividend Income premium content subscribers consist of a relatively small, elite, group of subscribers.

In recent months, we have inaugurated some incredibly valuable new services and offered them to our premium content subscribers at no extra cost.

For example, subscribers of Dividend Income were the first and only investors to gain access to our Dividend Value Profiles – a culmination of our proprietary research and valuation methodology – that we have developed solely for the most interesting high quality dividend paying companies. Not surprisingly, the Profiles received a very enthusiastic response from our subscribers.

Knowing when a dividend paying company is historically undervalued is invaluable if you want to buy the shares. As is the knowledge when they have become overvalued, warranting a possible sale.

Buying shares when they are genuinely lowly priced, on the basis of their historical dividend-yield patterns, and selling them when they have become historically overvalued, while receiving increasing dividends in the interim, will maximise your total returns.

This process of price adjustment from the share price being historically undervalued to it being overvalued can take years, and in the meantime, due to the type of companies, you have been raking in increasing dividend payments.

Now, you can also get access to this kind of information for as long as you want it, at the life-time reduced subscription price.

I put my money where my mouth is!

Perhaps nothing says more about just how conservative and meticulous we are at Dividend Income is than one simple fact . . .

. . . I am currently investing £76,000+ of my own retirement money into the very same companies.

“The write ups in your dividend value profiles are excellent. It’s comforting to see that you back up your analysis by purchasing these shares in your own portfolio a day later.”

When you subscribe to the premium content at Dividend Income you also get access to the very same investment moves I am making for my own portfolio – Dividend Income Portfolio – … and, even better, you get a full day-head-start to act on them before I do.

Companies such GSK, Vodafone, National Grid and others, all purchased when their shares were historically undervalued.

How can Dividend Income assist you in building wealth?

Having a profitable long term dividend income portfolio basically boils down to two fundamental questions:

  1. What to buy/sell?
  2. When to buy/sell?

While answering the second question is mainly based on determining each dividend paying company’s unique and historically established buying and selling areas, based on the ‘extremes’ of their dividend yields, the first question is much more a matter of fundamental interpretation of each company.

Deciding what to buy or sell at any particular point in time requires a lot of in-depth investigation of the companies’ financial status.

To do so, you need fundamental analysis and unlimited time. If you do not have unlimited time, then you must have an easy to read ‘tool’ to interpret shares from a fundamental point of view.

How does Dividend Income present its findings?

In the practical decision-making process, the main difficulty is in finding a way of making all relevant information available, reduce the risk involved in investing in the stock market and especially in working out how to capitalise on the data.

Our approach looks to remove subjectivity from the stock selection process, is purely a factually driven disciplined investment process which looks to minimise human error in stock selection.

We gather financial data on dividend paying companies, based on publicly available data.

This is used in our unique mathematical model to calculate the historically undervalue and overvalue share price levels as well as the financial risk and strength levels for each company we assess.

Once qualified as an investment candidate, we prepare an easy to read Dividend Value Profile.


“I have already produced my own watch list of high dividend payers but without the thorough analysis you do. Your dividend reports are excellent. At least I don’t have to spend hours researching these companies now myself. It’s done for me!”

Along with each company’s Dividend Value Profile, such as the one we prepared on British American Tobacco Plc, which you can Access Here, we provide subscribers with general information on the particular company, including news, and the all-important graphs, value tables and yield charts that illustrate the unique relationship between the dividend yield and the share price of the individual company.

What does your premium content subscription include?

Be sure to sign up today, and you’ll gain immediate access to:

  • A table with names of high quality dividend paying companies with information of their historically undervalued and overvalued buy and sell ‘zones’, such as the one below:
This is not some old-fashioned ‘buy-and-hold’ investment strategy. Rather it is a ‘buy-and-monitor’ approach.

Successful long term dividend income investors have:

1. The courage to buy shares when they are historically undervalued
2. Keep them until the share price moves upwards
3. Have the wisdom to sell when they have become historically overvalued

  • each Portfolio company Dividend Value Profile, such as the one we prepared on British American Tobacco Plc, which you can Access Here, with not only general information on the particular company, but also the all-important graphs, value tables and yield charts that illustrate the unique relationship between the dividend yield and the share price of the particular company
  • the real £76,000+ of my own money Dividend Income Portfolio, invested in an increasing number of companies that match our investment strategy of investing in historically undervalued high quality dividend paying companies
  • alerts, disseminated by email, including summary information of the shares we plan to buy or sell the next day

  • subscriber-only articles published in Dividend Income News when a relevant company announces news warrant reporting, such as company results and dividend announcements, as well as updates in our real money portfolio
  • offer to purchase our Guide to Dividend Investing at Half Price for just £9.99 (RRP: £19.99)
  • and, last but not least, access to the valuation methodology which we apply during our investment research process in order to ascertain whether a company’s share is historically undervalued, overvalued, or somewhere in between.

Beat the Market with High Quality Dividend Shares!

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