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September 8, 2012

Here at Dividend Income Investor.com we are dedicated to creating the kind of tools that our subscribers need in order to make better informed investment decisions.

However, in our dedication to create the best share valuation tools for our subscribers with regards to dividend paying companies we had to put several things on hold . . . until now! Here are a few highlights on our progress thus far and what we are currently working on . . .

Dividend Value Database

We are in the process of finalising the system transfer of our unique share valuation screen. We are now steadily increasing the number of relevant dividend paying FTSE350 companies that we cover.

Our intention is to gradually include AIM listed companies in the Database, that fit our criteria, and, at a later stage to include relevant large-cap EURO listed companies.

Re-introducing financial strength analysis

In earlier versions of Dividend Income Investor.com we had a dedicated ‘Financial Strength’ ratio analysis section as part of each company profile. With the share valuation system transfer now nearing completion, these company profiles have since evolved into Dividend Value Profiles.

However, the financial strength analysis was not part of this transfer. We are in the early stages of developing a new database “Financial Strength Database” from which data will be extracted and integrated into the individual Dividend Value Profiles.

Dividend Income Portfolio

While we recognise that our own Portfolio acts as a “demonstration” portfolio that we use to illustrate the practical application of our unique dividend investing and dividend-income growth investing methodology we are considering to offer subscribers the opportunity to manage their own dividend growth portfolio using our core data that will show much more than just simple holding sizes and cost prices.

More coming soon – please give us feedback

This is really only the first step. We need your support to help develop the feature set that most matters to you as dedicated dividend income investors. So please get in touch and let us know how we can improve our tools further to satisfy your needs.

Many thanks

Steven Dotsch
Managing editor

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