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How to join the Guide to Dividend Investing Affiliate Program

We are using the affiliate program tracking and PDF Stamper technology developed by in order to safeguard against the free dissemination of the Guide to Dividend Investing.

  1. Please, click Here to sign up for the Guide to Dividend Investing affiliate program

  2. This will take you to’s login/registration page where you can:

    • Log into your existing affiliate account


    • Register for a new affiliate account, if you don’t have one

  3. After which you will arrive at’s Affiliate Admin section. Make sure to add your (business) name, PayPal email and website or blog, where asked.

  4. At Manage Your Affiliate Account you have to click, several times, Get Affiliate Code to obtain your affiliate link (“common hop link”)

  5. Copy the Common Hop Link* code, which will redirect buyers to the page from where we sell the Guide to Dividend Investing.

    You are free to change the text “Click here to view more details”, within your affiliate link, to anything that is more appropriate from your perspective. However, please, don’t change anything else, otherwise the tracking may not work any longer.

    You are free to use the front page image of the Guide to Dividend Investing and integrate this into your website or blog. We have prepared different sizes for your consideration.

  6. Paste your Common Hop Link* code into the HTML source code of your own web or blog page. Cut and past it in your newsletter. Click here for more tips on how to promote our Guide.

  7. If you want to send us a message, please click the Contact Merchant button

Notification of completed sale

Guide Affiliates are notified by email every time their link generates a sale of the Guide to Dividend Investing. You can also view your referrals that generated a sale in the Earnings Report screen in your Affiliate Admin at

How do Hop Links work?

When you click your Hop Link, you will not see your affiliate ID anywhere on your web or blog page, nor is that necessary to credit you for the sale, and, what is more, the buyer does not even need to purchase the Guide immediately after clicking your affiliate link.

Clicking your Hop Link sets a cookie in the buyer’s browser which expires in 6 months. Every Guide to Dividend Investing that the buyer purchases from Dividend Income during the life of that cookie will earn you a commission, even if they go back to our site directly later without clicking through your link again.

Getting paid

Affiliate-eligible commissions are paid on a monthly lump-sum basis via PayPal in the month following a completed sales month (e.g., commission for sales made in January would be paid out by mid February).

Make sure you have entered your PayPal email in Affiliate Admin > Edit Profile at

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