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We endeavour to have various ways in order to communicate with you effectively and efficiently. We encourage and appreciate feedback and questions from you.

Dividend Income News

Our main communication channel with you is via Dividend Income News including irregular ‘alerts’ by email and dedicated news channels sorted by topic and release date within Subscriber Central (left-hand column).

Click any of the companies’ ticker names to access each company’s news and commentary.

What kind of news and commentary can you expect from us:

  • As we add more dividend paying companies to the Dividend Value Database we will release a Dividend Income Profile about each company and announce this accordingly via Dividend Income News.

  • Every time we intend to restructure our Dividend Income Portfolio we alert you by email 24 hours in advance, including summary details of the shares we plan to buy or sell the next day. With a subsequent confirmation when an actual trade has been completed.

  • When a company’s news item warrant our reporting and commentary, we will do so by publishing an article via Dividend Income News.

  • Occasionally, we publish more general focused articles, which we believe are relevant to long term dividend income investors, which you can access via Dividend Income News.

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We encourage an active dialogue with our subscribers. You can contact us in several ways, including by telephone and email.

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