Help – Yield Chart

For each dividend paying company in the Dividend Value Database a current Yield Chart is dynamically created providing you with concise information on whether this company is historically undervalued or overvalued, or is trading ‘somewhere in between’.

Tesco – an example


In the Tesco Yield Chart above the Orange and Green lines represent the annual share price at which Tesco is historically undervalued and overvalued.

The position of the Orange and Green lines in the graph is determined by the unique share valuation algorithm developed by Dividend Income which uses the monthly dividend yields and calculates the share prices at which the company is historically undervalued and overvalued.

The shape of the Orange and Green lines match the annual calendar year increase and decrease of dividends paid by the company in the past together with the current estimated calendar year dividend.

The monthly share price Highs and Lows are represented by the Blue and Red lines respectively.

For your ease of use, in order to reduce the time period under consideration, you can drag the slider under the Yield Chart to the right.

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