Investing Video Tutorials

In a series of short video tutorials, MoneyWeek’s deputy editor Tim Bennett explains in easy to understand terms some of the basics of income investing.

What is a dividend yield?

Tim Bennett explains the dividend per share – first step in understanding about income investing (11/03/2011).

What is dividend cover – how safe are dividends?

Tim Bennett explains the ‘dividend cover ratio’ – a crucial ratio for anyone investing in income-generating stocks (8/03/2011).

What is the P / E ratio

Tim Bennett explains the P / E ratio to determine a company’s position relative to the rest of the market (11/03/2011)

Valuing Tesco using the EV / EBITDA ratio

Tim Bennett explains the EV/EBITDA ratio, a valuation measure to work out whether a share is cheap or expensive. (17/12/2010)

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