Is ‘Brexit’ an investment opportunity?

June 26, 2016

Brexit is upon us!

The British public has voted to leave the European Union with the, initial, inevitable plunge in the markets. I guess the uncertainty regarding the future will last for quite a while, with potentially major news-driven swings in individual share prices, both up and downwards.

Which means, for cash rich long term investors this is now a good moment to put some limit buy orders in for high quality ‘historically undervalued’ dividend paying companies in order to benefit from the possible short term ‘major dips’ in those companies share prices.

So, if you are like me and you are investing for your family’s long term future, investing into high quality dividend paying companies that are ‘temporarily’ historically undervalued, then I am sure that you are keen to get our view of when these shares are ‘historically undervalued’

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And as Warren Buffett once said, as an investor it is wise to be “Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

Earlier on Wednesday, we disseminated our limit buy order list to our subscribers with regards to which high quality dividend paying companies the Dividend Income will purchase and at which limit purchase price.

While none of our limit buy orders were filled on Friday, it is difficult to say at this stage whether share prices will fall again and for how long, or, not at all. And, instead, rise.

Anyway, we will just sit this one out and wait for individual shares to hit our limit buy prices in order for our orders to be filled before our set period on August 1st, 2016, lapses.

Turbulent times ahead, creating opportunities . . . . .

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Steven Dotsch
Managing editor
Dividend Income

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