Dividend Income Portfolio

Here we show you the progress we are making in developing our £76,893 Dividend Income Portfolio.

The Dividend Income Portfolio was created 1 February, 2011. It was fashioned from a prior portfolio that was not solely dedicated to a dividend income and dividend growth strategy. The opening amount was £76,893, including the then value of shares in Vodafone and GSK Plc. No new cash has been added since its creation except for dividends received.

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As we are still in the early stages of the accumulation stage, we will be investing in a company whenever our investment research process generates a clear buy signal, but only 24 hours after we have alerted you.

We intent to develop a diversified portfolio of around 25 companies we expect that each purchase, including fees and charges will amount to approximately £3,000 per company.

While the central purpose of the Dividend Income Portfolio is to generate growing dividends and capital appreciation the portfolio aims to demonstrate to subscribers the results that can be achieved by following sound dividend and value investing principles.

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