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Dividend Value Profiles

Dividend Value Profiles of dividend paying companies are very much the culmination of our investment research process.

We determine the most attractive investment opportunities by reviewing a broad range of metrics. We take the companies that meet our criteria, and individually analyse them scanning the history of each company’s financial results over as long a period as possible (preferably more than two economic cycles) to judge the quality and cyclicality of the company’s earnings and dividends.

Our investment research process is designed to throw out the companies that are not attractive as soon as possible, thus enabling us to spend our limited time performing detailed research on high-potential opportunities.

When a relevant investment opportunity does emerge, we perform rigorous analysis on a company’s operations. We carry out as much research as is necessary to give us confidence that we have found an excellent long term investment opportunity.

Finally, we determine whether this particular company is at present historically undervalued, overvalued, or somewhere in between.

This research is than summarised in a consistent format within a Dividend Value Profile exclusively available for premium content subscribers, such as the one we have prepared for British American Tobacco.

Dividend Income News

Premium content subscribers receive our regular email alert – Dividend Income News – including relevant information such as company results, dividend announcements and the like all related to the companies we are following.

Every time Dividend Income Investor intends to restructure the Dividend Income Portfolio you will be the first to know.

Dividend Income News also include summary information of the shares I plan to buy or sell 24 hours before it happens. In addition, Dividend Income News will have information on the actual trade when completed.

Dividend Income Portfolio

This is where I have put my own hard-earned money where my mouth is – approximately £76,000 – building the Dividend Income Portfolio with some 25 high quality dividend paying companies.

While the central purpose of the Dividend Income Portfolio is to generate growing dividends and capital appreciation the portfolio aims to demonstrate to subscribers the results that can be achieved by following sound dividend and value investing principles.

I do not suggest nor recommend that anyone exactly follow my purchases or sales. Everyone should do their own research and due diligence before investing in anything. You should also consider your investment goals and objectives, which are likely to be different from mine.

DII Snapshots

Occasionally we will prepare and make available to subscribers a DII Snapshot, like the one we prepared on Severn Trent Plc, which you can download here.

DII Snapshots are based on exactly the same valuation methodologies that we use when we consider dividend paying companies for our Dividend Income Portfolio.

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