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Dividend Income has been created by Steven Dotsch to demonstrate the benefits of his dividend income investment strategy based on his unique investment research approach.

At heart we are deep value investors, with a twist. Dividend Income aim is to maximise total returns by providing timely information to subscribers on when a dividend paying company is historically undervalued, overvalued or, trading somewhere in between.

Our focus is on real total return defined as dividend yield plus dividend growth plus capital gains.

We look to combine “high yield” (those shares with dividend yields at least 40% higher than the FTSE100 average) with “dividend growth” (companies with good dividend track records and growth potential) that are “historically undervalued” (using a share’s dividend yield as the primary measure of value, investors will learn to buy and sell when dividend yields instruct them to do so) thereby maximising total real return.

I have put over £76,000 of my own money behind our dividend income investment strategy and by subscribing to our premium content, you will see how our Dividend Income Portfolio develops over time.

Steven Dotsch – Managing Editor

From a very young age, Steven learned the value of money and saving. He started saving money when he was only five, washing his father’s car and started to invest in Dutch shares when he was fourteen.

Following university in Amsterdam, Steven pursued a career in merchant banking in The Netherlands. Since 1989, he has been living and working in London.

Steven left the City in 1998 and since then, has been involved both as a founder as well as an early stage investor with a number of online and mobile telecoms ventures, including – a now defunct website which was aimed at longer term investors interested in making better informed investment decisions.

In 2009, Steven started, a website aimed at professionals and expats wanting to retire earlier and richer. In 2010, Steven launched Dividend Income Investor, to demonstrate the benefits of dividend income investing based on his own unique investment research approach, buying shares at historically undervalued levels.

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Alex Dotsch – Associate Editor

Alex is a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of Bristol. He has been building profitable websites since the age of 9 with Dividend Income being his first major project.

Alex also has an interest in mathematical modelling and web application development, which when joined with his interest in stocks and shares, made the development of the algorithms possible, which sit behind all of the calculations on the website.

During Summer 2012, Alex completed a 4 week internship at a multi-billion dollar single family office fund-of-funds firm in New York followed by an additional 4 week internship at Mark Slater’s Slater Investments, one of the top UK fund managers, in London.

Alex has 5 years experience developing back end systems such as database driven applications, custom WordPress plugins and web apps. He also has front end HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery experience as well as transforming PSD images from designers into real websites.

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