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As you can imagine, there is a great deal of work that goes into researching relevant companies and maintaining the web site.

In determining the subscription price for access to our Proprietary Content, we wanted to make sure that we balance the effort and time involved with a level of pricing that would make the premium content affordable to any serious long-term dividend income investor.

You will be surprised to hear that access to most of our proprietary content is just £9.99 per month, less than a single commission at most online stockbrokers.

Until the end of August, we also have . . .

A Very Special Offer for New Subscribers

Make sure to take advantage of our introductory discounted subscription rates for two year subscriptions

For those that prefer a longer term option, we currently offer a special discounted rate:

  • a 24 month subscription for £214.99, equals £8.96 per month – a discount of 10% off the normal monthly subscription price

“Today’s savers and investors face cash interest rates at record lows, diminishing fixed income yields demanding a higher risk appetite, and stubbornly high real inflation.

Dividend income investing represents a ‘best of both worlds’ option – one in which savers, investors and retirees are able to preserve and grow their capital, while generating consistent, steady growing income.”
Tony Stenning – Head of BlackRock’s UK Retail Business

Guide to Dividend Investing cover

“…if you can get what the author of the Guide to Dividend Investing has to say, then you are qualified beyond the 99.9% of private investors who allow their riches to be run by someone else for a huge fee…”
Shares: Reaping the Dividends – Michael Wilson –

“Delighted to subscribe to your website! As a recent convert to the benefits of dividend investing choosing the right companies to invest in has been rather stressful. Not anymore!”

“The write ups in your dividend value profiles are excellent. It’s comforting to see that you back up your analysis by purchasing these shares in your own portfolio a day later.”

“I have already produced my own watch list of high dividend payers but without the thorough analysis you do. Your dividend reports are excellent. At least I don’t have to spend hours researching these companies now myself. It’s done for me!”

Note: Our Subscription Guarantee . . .

Your subscription price is locked from the moment that you subscribe until you cancel. The subscription price you pay now will NOT increase as long as your subscription is active.

Subscription Comparison

Monthly (£9.99)
Yearly (£119.99)
Two-Yearly (£214.99)
BEST VALUE 10% off
Dividend Value Watch
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Dividend Income Reports
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Valuation Methodology
Guide to Dividend Investing Discount

Here is an overview of what is included with your subscription

  • Access to our exclusive subscribers-only website where you will discover information, articles, updates and commentary on both historically undervalued dividend paying companies as well as other dividend paying companies which we are closely following
  • Access to our proprietary in-house developed Dividend Value Database and Price Dividend Growth (PDG) ratio – similar to the well-known PEG ratio, but instead the PDG ratio uses tangible dividends instead of intangible earnings – as well as an overview of the share prices of a number of dividend paying companies when they are historically undervalued and overvalued with their respective dividend yields
  • Access to our Dividend Value Profiles, which not only provides you with the prices at which a particular high quality dividend paying company is undervalued and overvalued, but also the dynamic Value Chart, the full dividend history and financial health
  • Dividend Income News, including subscriber-only articles and news when a relevant company announces news that warrant reporting, such as company results and dividend announcements, as well as updates in our real money portfolio, including summary information of the shares we plan to buy or sell the next day
  • Access to our real money Dividend Income Portfolio showing the results that can be achieved by following sound dividend income and value investing principles.

Plus Four Special Bonuses for one and two year subscribers!

  1. Exclusive access to the specific valuation methodology and computations we apply during our investment research process in order to ascertain whether a company’s share is historically undervalued, overvalued, or trading somewhere in between.
  2. You’ll able to purchase our 90-page eBook: Guide to Dividend Investing at half price.
  3. Also, access to occasionally published DII Snapshots, like the one we prepared on Severn Trent.
  4. In-depth Dividend Income Reports, which include a 15 to 25 page in-depth review of a then historically undervalued company. Like the one we did for Tesco.

All subscriptions are handled through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to subscribe. With PayPal you can subscribe monthly or take a one or two year subscription. PayPal will automatically charge you each month, or, year(s) until you cancel your subscription.

With PayPal, your current subscription price and period will not change until you decide to cancel.

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