Dividends – the gift that keeps on giving

When shares were crushed in 2008 and early 2009, the huge share price declines lifted dividend yields on many dividend paying shares to levels that, in many cases, had not been seen for a long time.

High quality dividend paying companies offer the kind of security and income stream that no other investment can.

But which high quality dividend paying companies can sustain their dividend payments? Which ones are currently historically undervalued? Which ones are already overvalued and are therefore better to be avoided?

That’s where we come in

We know which dividend paying companies are undervalued, which ones to avoid, and which ones are likely to boost or cut their dividends in the near future.

Learn when to buy, when to sell, how to collect increasing dividends and how to then reinvest your income in similar historically undervalued high quality dividend paying companies.

Dividend income investing represents a “best of both worlds’ option – one in which savers, investors and retirees are able to preserve and grow their capital, while generating consistent, steady growing income”.

Tony Stenning – Head of BlackRock’s UK Retail Business

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  1. Know whether a dividend paying company can sustain, even increase, its dividend payments
  2. Know when a high quality dividend paying company is historically undervalued
  3. Know when a high quality dividend paying company is historically overvalued

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We love undervalued dividend paying shares!

A company’s underlying value is in its dividends, not in its earnings or in its prospects for capital gains.

By calculating the historic dividend yields when share prices turn, the unique relationship between dividend yield and the share price of a company emerges.

“Delighted to subscribe to your website! As a recent convert to the benefits of dividend investing choosing the right companies to invest in has been rather stressful. Not anymore!”

Sandy Nuttgens

What is the problem?

Buy a dividend paying company with too low a dividend yield and you will end up receiving a dividend that is either close to the FTSE All-Share average, or even below it. At which point, you may as well just buy a low-cost tracker.

Search for companies with the highest possible dividend yield, and you run the risk of having bought a share that is destined to either cut its dividend, or implode altogether. Some of the FTSE’s highest dividend yields at the moment, for example, are from companies with precisely such question marks hanging over them.

And there is also the issue of the sustainability of their dividends, the financial strength of the company, its earnings and dividend growth. A company might offer a decent dividend yield now – but will it last? Is the underlying business one that generate increasing free cash flows from which it can pay dividends? Has the company a track record of regular dividend increases without blowing its dividend cover?

What are we after?

At Dividend Income Investor.com we are primarily interested in high quality companies that have (historical) criteria, such as:

  • high earnings strength
  • high financial strength
  • increasing free cash-flows
  • high degree of stability
  • dividend sustainability
  • above inflation dividend growth
  • AND are historically undervalued or overvalued

“I am very happy with my subscription as it gives me balanced opinions on those companies covered.

It enables me to maximise the income from my capital. I will certainly be renewing my subscription.”

John Mollison

Underlying our investment process is the belief that a company’s historical financial performance is a much better guide to its future financial performance than predictive factors such as current valuation, earnings estimates or analysts’ forecasts; all of which are subjective rather than proven.

Company behaviour is more predictable than market behaviour. Company behaviour is more driven by habit (an inside force) than the market which is more driven by circumstance (an outside force).

Broadly-speaking, high quality companies repeatedly do the right things (though not necessarily the same things) and ‘bad’ companies repeatedly do the wrong things.

A successful company’s progress can be assumed to be derived from proven and well-oiled operational processes and sequence of decisions largely (but not always) controlled by its management. Unless of course the company is hit by external factors beyond the management’s control, such as a general stock market ‘sell off’.

What do we offer?

Dividend Income Investor.com is the only UK share valuation provider that provide information on dividend paying companies when they are historically undervalued or overvalued, or, are trading somewhere ‘in-between’.

“Knowing when and which dividend paying companies to buy and sell is really invaluable information.”

Mark Riding

What and when to buy, at the lowest share price with correspondingly historically the highest dividend yield, as well as when to sell), forms the core offering of our content.

The service offers clear entry and exit points for investors to maximise their total real returns while receiving increasing income from high quality dividend paying companies.

Based on Dividend Income Investor.com proprietary algorithms we operate several databases and provide concise information that allow you to make better informed investment decisions, including:

  • Dividend Value Database

    Access to the unique core data behind Dividend Income Investor.com – with details of many FTSE350 dividend paying companies’ historical undervalued and overvalued zones, together with our proprietary Price Dividend Growth (PDG) ratio

  • Financial Strength Database

    Access to the all the important financial metrics which long-term dividend income and dividend growth investors need to ascertain whether companies’ increasing dividend payments are sustainable together with our proprietary DividendStrength Score

  • Dividend Value Profiles

    Access to the concise profiles of primarily many FTSE350 dividend paying companies with information on the quality, sustainability and cyclicality of their earnings and dividends

  • Dividend Income Portfolio

    Access to our own hard-cash portfolio of dividend paying companies showing subscribers the results we are achieving using our unique share valuation methodology. Access to the very same investment moves I am making in my own portfolio – Dividend Income Portfolio – … and, even better, you get a full day-head-start to act on them before I do.

  • Dividend Income News

    Access to regular features, relevant to long term dividend income investors, as well as 24 hour in advance alerts that we are about to restructure the Dividend Income Portfolio (buy or sell a particular share) before we make a single move.

  • Future additions at no extra cost

    We plan to increase the value of your subscription at a steady pace, adding more companies, including high quality dividend paying companies listed abroad, at no extra cost to you.

The right information to maximise your returns

Knowing when a dividend paying company is historically undervalued is invaluable, if you want to buy the shares.

As is the knowledge when these shares have become historically overvalued, warranting a possible sell.

“The information on the site is excellent.

I would recommend the service to anyone who invests in UK stocks.”

Richard Auty

Buying shares when they are genuinely lowly priced, on the basis of their historical dividend-yield patterns, and selling them when they have become historically overvalued, while receiving increasing dividends in the interim, is a proven way to maximise your total returns.

This process of price adjustment from the share price being historically undervalued to it being overvalued can take years, and in the meantime, due to the type of companies, you are raking in increasing dividend payments.

Now, you can also get access to this kind of information for as long as you want it, at a life-time reduced subscription price.

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Your A11 discount code entitles you to secure a lifetime 36.7% off on our current TWO year subscription price of £319.92.

Building sustainable wealth

Having a profitable long term dividend income portfolio basically boils down to two fundamental questions:

  1. What to buy/sell?
  2. When to buy/sell?

While answering the second question is mainly based on knowing each high quality dividend paying company’s unique and historically established buying and selling areas, based on the ‘extremes’ of their dividend yields, the first question is much more a matter of fundamental interpretation of each company.

Deciding what to buy or sell at any particular point in time requires a lot of in-depth investigation of the companies’ financial status.

To do so, you need fundamental analysis and unlimited time. If you do not have unlimited time, then you must have an easy to read ‘tool’ to interpret shares from a fundamental point of view.

How does Dividend Income Investor.com present its findings?

Our approach looks to remove subjectivity from the stock selection process, is purely a factually driven disciplined investment process which looks to minimise human error in stock selection.

Having gathered financial data on dividend paying companies, based on publicly available data, our algorithms calculate the historically undervalue and overvalue share price levels as well as the financial risk and strength levels for each company we assess.

Once qualified as an investment candidate, we prepare an easy to read Dividend Value Profile on each company.

Along with each company’s Dividend Value Profile, we provide subscribers with general information on the particular company, including news, and proprietary graphs, value and yield charts that illustrate the unique relationship between its dividend yield and share price, including the all-important turning points, allowing you to make better informed investment decisions.


Beat the Market with High Quality Dividend Shares!

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