Test for Testimonials

  • “I am delighted to come across your site! As a convert to rising dividends I am building a portfolio with rising dividend payers. The new content is great. Very useful and just the kind of resource I need.”

    - Sandy Nuttgens

  • “There is some very sensible information to be found on the site , which would have been great to have had in my thirties. Unfortunately, I’ve learnt most of these facts the hard way.”

    - Graham Mann

  • “I am very happy with my subscription as it gives balanced opinions on those companies covered. It enables me to maximise the income from my capital. I will certainly be renewing my subscription.”

    - John Mollison -

  • Knowing when and which dividend paying companies to buy and sell is really invaluable information. In particular when you combine it with DividendMax's three dividend investment tools.”

    - Mark Riding -

  • “With many dividend growth companies now having a dividend yield of 5% to 8%, I am reinvesting to build a solid income generating portfolio. This website is the most useful tool I am using.”

    - Michael van Moppes -

  • The information provided by Dividend Income Investor.com is excellent. I would recommend the service to anyone who invests in UK Stocks. The recent additions to the site are fantastic.”

    - Richard Auty -

  • I am happy with the service. The information on stocks being undervalued or overvalued assists me in my decision making. There is the possibility to find a dividend star I do not know yet.”

    - Renata C -

  • “I like your site, and I'll be interested in your service if I do go down the shares route because if I'm honest I have no idea what I would be looking at to pick a good share.”

    - Matt Berry -
    Citywire contributor
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