Tips for our affiliates

Here are a few pointers on how to make money with our affiliate programs

  • The most effective and genuine way to succeed as our affiliate is to write a review, endorsement or an article about the usefulness of using Dividend Income, the benefits of dividend investing, the Guide to Dividend Investing, or, anything else which is relevant to dividend investing.

    Make sure to include your affiliate link(s) at the end of your review or article. Post it to free sites such as and, or similar.

  • Integrate any of the above in your own website or blog, or create a new one for free at sites such as – this site is using WordPress –,, or, similar, and post your review or article, including your affiliate link.

    Make sure to “ping” your blog at sites such as, or so new pages gets picked up quickly by the search engines.

  • Use your Twitter account to comment on dividends and dividend, paying companies, income or value investing. You can follow me at Twitter – Investoretire – and comment on my Tweets, retweet them.

    When you are tweetting make sure to shorten your affiliate link(s) using Twitter,, or, similar.

  • Join popular investing forums and make frequent contributions to popular threads there.

    Amend your forum profile and edit your “signature”. Make a signature that includes your affiliate link. That way, every time you make a post, anyone who sees it will see your signature and potentially click on your affiliate link.

  • Post a press release at or similar, in which you include your favourable write-up on Dividend Income, including the benefits on dividend income investing, or, the Guide to Dividend Investing, along with your affiliate link(s). If you pay them a small fee, they will guarantee that your press release is picked up by all major search engines, potentially sending you thousands of visitors.

  • If you own an email list of newsletter subscribers or other people who have opted in to receive email (offers) from you, send them an email telling them about Dividend Income and the benefits of dividend income investing, or, the Guide to Dividend Investing, including your affiliate link(s).

    Feel free to use some text from our website. Include your affiliate link at the end of the email. You can even use our email samples.

    *NOTE – We do not tolerate spamming in any way.

  • Being an affiliate is not exceptionally difficult, but there are many tricks and techniques that can improve your results.

    Learn from the best – this multi-media course is highly recommended reading for every affiliate. It includes the Super Affiliate Handbook and covers everything you need to know about creating, monetising, getting traffic to your blog and much more…

Final tips and ‘tricks’

  • Write your own review. You will get the best results from writing your own review or commentary, even if it’s short. Just write what you really think about Dividend Income When you publish your review or commentary, use your affiliate link to send your visitors to our website.

  • Put your visitors into pre-sold mood before sending them to our site. Pre-sold mood means that you build interest in the product and your visitor has already decided to potentially buy it after he reads your review. Try to think like a visitor, when (s)he comes to your page which include your review or affiliate link; draw his/her attention, build curiosity or feeling that (s)he might need this kind of solution.

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