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Dividend Value Database

  • We take companies that meet our pre-selection criteria, then individually analyse them scanning the history of each company’s financial results over as long a period as possible to judge the quality, sustainability and cyclicality of the company’s earnings and dividends.
  • We determine whether this particular company is at present historically undervalued, overvalued, or somewhere in between.
  • We then summarise the information into a consistent format within a Dividend Value Profile which are exclusively available to premium content subscribers.
  • Financial Strength Database

  • In order to aid decisions on what to buy and sell rather than when to buy and sell, we have a Financial Strength Database, which concisely includes all the important metrics that dividend investors need and excludes all the clutter that dividend investors don’t need.
  • It helps investors to screen and sort out companies that may have high debt, low quality earnings or a low payout ratio. Every financial term is fully explained along with a formula if applicable to help you understand where the numbers come from and to check yourself if need be.
  • Knowing the income, balance and cashflow situation is hugely important in investing and our database will help income investors find only the best dividend paying companies that are funding them from cash produced within the business and on those that are able to grow them sustainably overtime.
  • Dividend Income Portfolio

  • Having allocated more than £76,000 of my own money in the Dividend Income Portfolio you will be able to see, what we currently own, what we want to buy, what we want to sell and the dividend income we are generating while we wait.
  • The purpose of the Dividend Income Portfolio is to show subscribers the results we are achieving — and that you could be achieving, too — demonstrating what can be achieved by using our unique share valuation methodology.
  • I do not suggest nor recommend that anyone follows my purchases or sales. You should do your own research and due diligence before investing in anything. Your investment goals and objectives are likely to be different from mine.
  • Dividend Income News

  • You will receive our regular email alert – Dividend Income News – when a portfolio company announces news warranting reporting. Such as company results and dividend announcements, major acquisitions and disposals, and similar.
  • We also regularly publish more general focused articles which we believe are in particular relevant to long term dividend income investors.
  • As a subscriber of Dividend Income Investor.com, every time we intend to restructure the Dividend Income Portfolio, you will know 24 hours in advance what we are about to buy or sell before we make a single move. That way, we cannot be accused of any ‘pumping and dumping’ strategies.
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